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The Historic Elms Lodge

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In Beautiful Arkansas


Kim Vassaur Freeman - owner

The Elms manor house is unique to the region and unique to Arkansas itself. Her tall white columns and expansive veranda overlooks our well manicured grounds lined by venerable pecan trees. Sit in an Adirondack chair, relax by a fire pit while enjoying a fine wine, cheese or a well-aged bourbon served neat and a superior Dominican cigar. Your view is the same today as it was back in 1866 when The Elms was erected. 

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust
History, Heritage, Hospitality

Originally built in 1866 and expanded and restored in the following 150 years, the plantation house harkens back to a kinder, gentler time. Enjoy an evening cocktail on the veranda overlooking the majestic magnolias, oaks, elms and pecan trees. Bedroom suites are on the main floor as well as upstairs. They’re in close proximity to the main dining room and trophy room which features bookcases and a series of mounted game.

The Deep South

Image by Stephane YAICH
Come Inside, Relax

Come inside for a tour and be prepared to be wowed. The Elms is appointed with wonderful art and antiques representative of each phase of our distinctive history. From tin-paneled ceilings, solid walnut staircases, sporting art, candlestands, and marble-topped hutches and corner tables, there are period details more commonly found in private homes. The wood paneled game room is a favorite among sportsmen who feel at home surrounded by mounted whitetail, elk, pheasant and, of course, mallards. Enjoy cocktails, appetizers and dinner and spend the night in one of our deluxe suites. Home is where the heart is, and when you come to The Elms we want you to feel at home.

 You’ll Immediately Feel At Home
Antiquity, Charm, Elegance and Grace

The Elms Offers This And More

One of the very best ways to enjoy The Elms is to have enough time to soak everything in. It’s not every day that visitors have the opportunity to experience a home built in 1866 that just oozes antiquity. You’ll notice it when driving through the wrought-iron main gates that is the private entrance to The Elms. Continue past a grove of pecan trees and there she is, our stunning plantation manor home representative of noble simplicity and quiet grandeur. She’s earned a listing on the Historic National Registry, and that’s largely due to her owner. When Kim Freeman isn’t creating exceptional duck and goose habitat she is meticulously tending to The Elms. 

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